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Prof. Geneviève Almouzni

Nuclear Dynamics


Prof Geneviève Almouzni is a distinguished biologist renowned for her work at the Institut Curie in Paris, France.


Known for her groundbreaking research on chromatin structure and dynamics, Prof Almouzni has contributed to understanding how chromatin organisation influences cellular functions such as DNA replication and repair. Her work has been crucial in highlighting the role of chromatin in maintaining genomic stability and its implications in cancer development.


A leader in her field, Prof Almouzni has also served as the Director of Research at the Institut Curie, chair of the alliance EU-LIFE, co-chair of the European initiative LifeTime and is on the ERC council.


As a passionate advocate for women in science, she is a role model encouraging gender equity and diversity in the research community and was awarded Woman in Sciences FEBS / EMBO (2013).

Prof Geneviève Almouzni's Lab

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