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Ben Horin & Alexandrovitz

Dr Eitan Segev (IBH) - Communication and Dissemination 


Ben Horin & Alexandrovitz (IBH) was established in 2008 and provides strategic media consultancy services, crisis management, and research management services. IBH is a rapidly growing company committed to preserving its stellar reputation based on core values of responsibility, dependability, initiative, creativity, and striving to win.

The team, led by Itay Ben Horin and Tal Alexandrovitz-Segev, among Israel's leading and most experienced experts in the field, comprises top professionals:  50 team members and over 150 clients. IBH has won 22 Roaring Lion awards, the annual award for excellence in Israel, by the Israel Public Relations Association.

The research management division is led by Dr Eitan Segev, a research manager renowned for overseeing European Union collaborative projects. With a PhD in life sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, his expertise extends from managing interdisciplinary projects to understanding their scientific intricacies. Notably, he managed the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions doctoral network, EpiSyStem.


Beyond project management, Eitan excels in disseminating research findings to peers and the general public, ensuring maximum impact. His strategic communication endeavours are enhanced by the support of Ben Horin and Alexandrovitz, emphasizing his comprehensive approach to research and communication.

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